April 06, 2012

Smoking barrels...

Nowt like a nice morning stare into someone else’s window, is there? I’m attempting to mentally project this onto the old bat who’s walking past gawping in... I’m wondering what it is exactly, about my pink dressing gown that’s so fucking fascinating. I toy with the idea of giving her the finger, but given that I don’t know who she is and the quota of inbred/hooligans there are locally, I reconsider.

It’s been 24 hours since I last had a smoke. It wasn’t even a proper one either, was a lousy roll-up and I didn’t really enjoy it. Fact is, we can’t afford to smoke. I enjoy factory made ciggies which don’t shed tobacco... I love them, I’m not ashamed. They relax me and I feel comfortable with one in my hand (no jokes about what I’m referring to, please). But the government have once again decided that a tax hike needs to go on cigarettes, and I refuse to play masses of tax to a government who’s going to demonise me for doing the very thing that’s making them all that money! Odd that, I’ve become an addict on a VERY addictive substance which is allowed to be legal by my government, despite its alleged massive health risks, and then they blame me and tax me for that addiction. Just ban them if it bothers you that much... oh hang on, you can’t do that; you’d lose millions. I don’t know why people aren’t blaming the dealers and enablers instead of the addicts... but what would I know; I’m a smoker (or was until yesterday). I am now of a mind that I’m not a smoker, never really was, was just a glitch. To be honest, had I not had a close friend who smoked during a time when my parents got divorced, I probably wouldn’t smoke. I was just looking for anything to mask the problems at the time. I’ve given up other things; I’m strong enough to kick this too.

My tolerance is quite short, but not too bad, given I’m normally quite fluffy unless someone pokes my cage, I’m not so different. I would like to say though, while being subjected to ad campaigns making parents feel bad for daring to smoke a completely legal substance around their children...

I can do without superiority on Facebook, especially when the point being made shows lack of superiority by the dickwit complaining about it! Pictures being posted on news feeds saying: “Stop sending me game requests I don’t fucking play” etc... Oi, idiot, learn how to adjust your settings to block games and prolific senders.... that’s what I do... so if you’re receiving unwelcome requests from a game more than once... guess who’s fault it is? Yeah, that’s right... YOURS. So get your ‘I’m an idiot’ multi-idiot tagged photo off my news feed.

I can’t do any of the following by copy and pasting either:

Cure cancer

Force Mattel to make a bald Barbie

Stop abuse of animals, children, or the impaired.

Make you realise I’m your friend and that I ‘pay attention’ by reporting back and having the same status... fuck off, If I wasn’t ‘paying attention’ you wouldn’t be such an annoying fuck, would ya?

Also, a relatively new use for Facebook in my world, slagging you off to other people after having said something different. I’m skint, everyone knows I’m skint, so I’m out about as often as Halley’s Comet (another reason I’m quitting smoking)... I had written to a friend of mine to explain my daughter needed something, which then wouldn’t allow for me to make it to her birthday party. I was honestly gutted and she’d said it was fine, that she understood. I had invited her out on a few occasions over the years, but she’d always declined. Fair enough. The morning after said party though, she decides to have a snide dig at me and other people who obviously couldn’t make it through someone else’s profile. I apologised again.. but after having had time to think about it, I thought she was just a two-faced bleeder.. she’d told me it was fine.. had obviously lied about that.. and then made her disgruntlement public... nice... go away.... and stay there.

Next blog entry is a piece written from my perspective... aren’t they all? I got asked what I’d think of me now, when I was 10... It’ll take a while to compile because I need lots of words for ‘disappointment’. :P.. but that’s what’s next. Until then....