October 21, 2010

Christ and Bananas

A very good friend of mine is an atheist; love him to bits, known him for years. We’ve spent many evenings (and still do) discussing the finer points of that type of bollocks. He’s recently entered some very sticky territory though... that of the good old creationist/fundamentalist Christian. I have always maintained that religion itself is not a problem. People find it a comfort, and I’m not one to take that away from them. Sadly though, religion is often tied up in civil unrest and war. I’d argue, it’s not religion that does it- it’s human nature, religion’s just the reason given for wanting more land/power/that cute bird you’ve fancied for ages.  You can argue that if you take the religion away, they don’t have that excuse... but I’d bet evens that they’d find another, or may (gasp) just have to be honest about what it really is driving them.

However, back to our creationists: Interesting bunch. They call themselves the ‘bearers of truth’ and claim everyone who does not believe in God will burn in Hell. Nice. I’m quite happy with that, comfy in my knowledge that there’s no Hell, as are the many atheists that frequent these sites, trying to enlighten the blinkered. It’s punishment I wouldn’t go looking for but I have had a brief interlocking with them. 

The atheists had posted something about Odin, no doubt on the wind-up, trying to poke the Christians. I responded in defence and left something of a ‘Paganism for Dummies’ post. This was deleted about 20 minutes afterwards for being ‘off-topic’, ‘Christophian’ and an ‘attack on the bearers of truth’. I piped up to say I felt this was religious intolerance, all I’d done was explain what mine was, and as for Christ, who sadly has no evidence of ever existing, I actually quite like the idea of him. He’s a sandal-wearing, wise, hippy type who performs magic (loaves and fishes) and does rituals (last supper), what’s not to like? The man was clearly a gnat’s fart away from reaching for his book of shadows! After having stated something similar, and that because of this I felt something of a kinship towards ole J.C, I was told I obviously couldn’t do, because then I’d be a Christian! No mate, I wouldn’t... I travel alone on my path and meet my deities along the way, I don’t follow, I share. I don’t worship, I respect. 

Any old celebrity who’s had halfwits blindly agreeing with them all their lives and is always with people, but forever alone... they’ll tell you which of the two they’d rather have. People who feel the need to be agreed with all the time are usually insecure control freaks: that’s not an assumption, I’ve seen it in practice many times, as I’m sure you have. I’m sure no self-respecting God or Goddess would expect this; in fact I think they’d look down on it. If they’re agreeing with your mind constantly... how can they have one of their own?

I’m acutely aware of this, having been someone who lost her mind temporally over something that, looking back now, really wasn’t worth it. Recent events dictate that it was never what I thought it was and I was just deluding myself... it’s not a nice wake up call, but it’s a handy one.  I’ve never been one to blindly agree, but when you give so much and get the odd banana thrown back at you for being a good little monkey, ya gotta hop outta the cage and flee the zookeeper, while resisting the urge to fling shit and booking an appointment to overcome that Stockholm syndrome that’s been pissing you off so much. I doubt that particular zookeeper will even notice the cage is empty, much less care... but we’ll see. The best thing to happen is I have my mind back... and while it’s a dangerous place to be sometimes, it’s mine, and nothing will be taking it away again. 

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